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"Let's win by getting right within"


What is 'Beyond the Surface Leadership Academy'?

The Beyond the Surface Leadership Academy is a 6-week program curated for Black Women seeking healing, triumph, and achieving individual/collective greatness. This is an official project of the Sacramento Sister Circle/Our Rightful Place and a way to Dream Big, Cultivate your Visions, Develop your Leadership, and Development Personally/Professionally while building stronger relationships with Like Minded, Brilliant, Successful and Beautiful Black Women and an even more Powerful Sisterhood.


You will get an opportunity to inform, design, and cultivate the program as well as get your individual and collective needs met. If Accountability, Inspiration, Support, Upliftment, Boldness, and Courage is what you are seeking….YOU have come to the right place.


If you ready to take a journey of a lifetime…..register by clicking the link below, and complete this survey:

This survey is going to totally inform our meeting dates, the integrity of the program, and our collective success so please answer as honestly as possible. 


Thank you for your openness to a transformative experience.


* This is a Non-Refundable Program however if you have a hardship you can transfer to the next Cohort Only with timely communication.

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