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KETCH'ing Up with Christi

Welcome to the long-awaited and exciting launch of "KETCH'ing Up with Christi: Travel to the Motherland World Travelers Group! 














Since 2010, Christi has fearlessly explored over 25 countries, with a special focus on multiple trips to Africa. Her passion and mission are crystal clear: to inspire and support her Family, Friends, and Black People everywhere to delve into the continent's beauty, dispel stereotypes, and immerse themselves in the rich culture, the hospitality of its people, and the African Diaspora.

But that's not all! This launch is your chance to debunk common misconceptions about traveling to Africa. Christi is on a mission to challenge stereotypes and reveal the continent's beauty, warmth, and diversity. Get ready to discover the real Africa and let go of myths that have long overshadowed its magnificence.

Christi is not just a traveler; she's a trailblazer passionate about exploring the world and expanding our horizons. She envisions creating a vibrant community of women who share a love for travel and adventure, connecting with like-minded individuals. Our upcoming trips will be carefully curated to offer unique cultural experiences

that are enriching and inspiring.

Travel is a transformative experience that allows us to learn, grow, and connect with others. Join us in building a community of adventurous women and embark on a journey that promises to leave you with lifelong memories and friendships.

Stay tuned for more information—exciting details are on the horizon! Contact us at to be the first to receive updates. Prepare to write the next chapter of your travel story with "KETCH'ing Up with Christi." 🌟🌍 #KetchingUpAdventure #MotherlandExploration #TravelWithPurpose

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"In June 2010, I finally made it home. My Ancestral Home......I set foot on the soil of WEST AFRICA - Ghana, Liberia, and Senegal. This picture is of me at the Door of No Return, Goree Island, Senegal. The feeling I got when I walked through the Slave Dungeons my ancestors survived is a feeling like no other.

This moment changed my life...FOREVER!!"

Travel to Ghana with Afrobougie

Let's go back to where it all began

Everything you need to know about traveling to the Motherland.

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Ghana - 2.JPEG

Clearing up Myths & Fears

This will be an opportunity to address common misconceptions about traveling to Africa.


Important Information and Resources

Learn all you need to know about travel requirements like Visas. Shots, packing list. Etc.

Ask questions and get a real insight into the process.


Monthly Group Meetings

Monthly in-person and virtual meetups to connect with Black People worldwide for Q&A and Cultural Exchange. There will be Featured Guests from the African Diaspora and discussions on various topics regarding travel to the continent.

Best Value

KETCH'ing Up With Christi



Every month

As a member you will be amongst Black Excellence, Brilliance, and leadership.

Valid until canceled




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