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2023 College Bound Luncheon Nominations

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2023 CBL Recap

What is the College Bound Luncheon & Expo?

An annual luncheon celebrating the academic success of young Black women, high school graduating seniors, in Sacramento and surrounding areas. 

This year Sacramento Sister Circle’s leadership team, #CBL planning committee, and members will host college readiness virtual sessions and an in-person celebration with valuable resources, information, and gifts for each student. 

After the event, ongoing support, resources, financial blessings, and gifts are shared with the students their first year of college and mentoring and sponsoring relationships are fostered during their college journey. 

We have "graduated" and celebrated ten cohorts of Young Black Women and are actively supporting recent cohorts. This completely volunteer and self sufficient "Sistership" has impacted over 100 young women! #CBL2023 #CBL11 #OMG11

Thank You to our Sponsors of 2023

Thank you to all of our sponsors for your generous support of CBL 2023. Your contributions were greatly appreciated and helped to make this a huge success. We look forward to working with you and creating another memorable experience for all involved in 2024.

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"It’s stressful when everything begins to build up from having multiple classes. It can get hard to not slip behind, and I’ve had to turn some assignments in late as a result. But I’m actively making sure everything gets done at least and pushing myself to do better."

#CBL2023 Student

"It’s important for me to maintain a balance between my academic responsibilities, personal responsibilities, and my mental health. Since the semester has started I have been overwhelmed with my severe workload and number of assignments, however, I have held myself to be more productive and proactive when it comes to my academic success this semester."

#CBL2023 Student

"What I really love about my school is they provide the resources to help students in all areas; mentally, physically, and emotionally. We have mental health days where they cancel classes. There’s always something around camp either near or far. I also found people that I’ve connected with better personally than any of my longtime friends back home."

#CBL2023 Student

Thank you for reaching out, I am doing well and have found myself happier doing my classes from home due to it providing me a flexible schedule and more time to do things I want in between... Some of my favorite courses that I took were human rights, Biology of addiction and psychology because they provided information and skills that I will need to go to medical school in the future... Despite 2020 being rough I enjoyed going to school online and learning some very interesting material.

- Tamir, #CBL2020 Student

My first semester was alright, a little hard but I had fun! I work for my school at the Sports Network and it’s really cool! Thank you for the support and kind thoughts.

- Kymora #CBL2020 Student

Thank you so much for reaching out and I am very appreciative of the financial gift... I've been doing very well, and I had a successful first semester. Since my school is on the east coast, I had a few 5am classes due to the different time zones! But I've made many connections, joined a club organization, and ended my fall semester with a 3.75 GPA. During the semester, I premiered my first short film Wake Up.

- Alana #CBL2020 Student

"I also realized how incredibly blessed I am to be here, having the experiences and opportunities I’m having. Of course I began the year struggling with feeling like I didn’t belong. Classes are definitely more difficult and require more work than I anticipated, however, I feel that I’m holding my own pretty well. The first quarter, I ended with all A’s and one B in my classes. There’s something rewarding about getting the grades that I did in the midst of distractions, in the midst of battling with my mental health, in the midst of trying to adapt. I realize that I need to give myself more credit, as at first I was telling myself I wasn't smart enough to be where I am, but the grades don’t lie!"

#CBL2023 Student

"I am doing okay and well.  There are times where I struggle after transitioning from being on campus to now at home online because obviously I got used to the routine of being with my friends and school but i have so much support that I am okay but I am ready to go back to campus. I see everything going on back on campus and miss it a lot but I’m super excited to go back.   Online is harder for me actually also but I push through to make it work."

#CBL2023 Student

Thank you so much for checking in on me. This first semester of my first year of college has been a consistent journey of hardship, but I am very determined so I'm making it through! ...I am excited for what this next year brings and where I am headed!

- Yael #CBL2020 Student

My first semester of college was great, all of my teachers were supportive, I made a lot of lifetime friends, and I made the dean's list... I truly appreciate you all for checking in on me. Thank you for the financial gift as well.

- Semira #CBL2020 Student

I had a great Fall semester ending with a 3.5 GPA. I am now taking on extra courses and will be taking on summer classes to try to graduate early.

- Asiyah #CBL2020 Student

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