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Wise Leadership Consulting, LLC

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

We help Black women uplevel their PAY, POWER, and PEACE through career coaching and leadership development.


Who Are We?!

Our vision is a world without ceilings, compromises, or concessions for Black women. As a woman of color, you’ve probably been the "first and only" person who looks like you in the room as you ascend in your career. As such, you might not have had relatable mentors, peer support, or access to leadership development opportunities you need to advance. Consider us your co-conspirators to attain equity and advancement in your life and career, on your terms!

Here at Wise Leadership Consulting … we see, hear and have gone through your specific challenges as a Black woman thriving in the workplace. That’s why we’ve cultivated a tight-knit community of like-minded women to support you as you get the leadership coaching and tools you need to increase your pay, power, and peace in your career.

Our leadership programs are backed by innovative research and tried-and-tested methods of success, crafted especially for women of color who want to be changemakers.

What We Provide

Courses and Group or Private Coaching on:

  • Leadership and Management Skills for Executives

  • Self-Care and Self-Advocacy for Black Women Professionals

  • Negotiating Your Best Compensation Package

  • Pathways to Promotion and Career Advancement

  • Holding Others Accountable for Microaggressions and Bias

  • DEI Assessments & Action Planning for Small Businesses and Teams

  • Career Pivot After Resignation or Firing

  • Managing Your Mind and Self-Limiting Thoughts

Meet Our Founder

I'm Dr. Camille Broussard Wise, founder of Wise Leadership Consulting. I've made it my mission to help Black career women just like you develop the competencies and mindset to push through the personal, professional and systematic barriers holding them back from reaching their career advancement dreams.

I'm all to familiar with the situational and systematic barriers that keep Black professional women from achieving the level of success they desire and deserve. And I know firsthand how damaging these barriers can be to your psyche, confidence, and career trajectory.

Early in my career, I often wondered how I could reach my goals when it seemed like the whole system was set up against me. Despite the foolery, I advanced to executive leadership positions, led impactful change in my organization, and now have created my own freedom through my coaching business with my ideal clients! I've "peeked behind the curtain" to create a roadmap to success and I want to save you the lost opportunities, pay, and sleep along your own career path.











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