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Your Yoni Retreat

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Who are we?

Your Yoni Retreat is women’s reproductive health, womb wellness, and holistic awareness. We provide specialty care to women, specifically herbal vaginal steams, womb stimulation, ionic foot detox, herbal foot soaks, meditation, and a unique boutique shopping experience. Our aim is action orientation to mind/body wellness and self-empowerment.

What we offer

• Sisterhood

• A Safe Sacred Space - Meditation (Palace of Peace)

• Organic Herbal Yoni Steams

• Collaborating to bring multiple wellness modalities together

• Variety Foot Soaks

• Foot Detox

• Womb Stimulation

• A unique BOUTIQUE shopping experience

How we give back

Your Yoni Retreat is striving to bring awareness, comfortability, and normalizing conversations around uterine health, one woman at a time. YYR plan to provide empowerment workshops, manifestation events, and educational session to women (from onset of menstrual to wiser ages). YYR will partner with other wellness practitioner's to deliver alignment across the holistic space.

Meet Our Founder

Tonya Said - Certified Yoni Practitioner

Tonya Said, founder and co-owner of Your Yoni Retreat, is a 20-year entrepreneurial spirited business executive, who’s passion and focus are leading women to GREATNESS. Your Yoni Retreat is fulfilling a life dream of bringing women together in sisterhood, friendship, and collaboration, tackling all topics women and life. At Your Yoni Retreat, you will get "THE EXPERIENCE" of understanding you are never alone, have a companion traveler in your Walk of a Woman, while sensually unraveling your mind unto self during steam and meditation. This is her WHY for creating a space for WOMEN to RETREAT as little or as much as they desire. It’s not just the steaming for her, it was the overall experience.

Connect with us


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