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Tay The Real Estate Coach

With over 20 plus years of experience, I assist women of color with making informed decisions on the buy/sell process of homeownership.

Who am I?!

As a Real Estate Coach, I not only specialize in the buy and sell of residential properties, but also helping Women of Color become successful in the field of Real Estate as an agent.

What I provide.

As a Licensed Realtor and Real Estate Coach, I offer the following:

  • FREE Consultations

  • Home buying tips and requirements

  • Tips and requirements for Sellers

  • Seminars for future homeowners

  • Coaching/ Mentorship for aspiring realtors

Meet the founder.

Meet Tay Davis, the Realtor and Real Estate Coach. Tay is passionate about helping Women of Color establish ownership and entrepreneurship in the field of Real Estate. With 20 plus years of experience her knowledge spans from real estate development to financing, investment and client relations.

Connect with Tay

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