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Our Rightful Place LLC

Our Rightful Place (ORP) is the epicenter of Black Womanhood and Sisterhood. We are devoted to ensuring that Black Women are equipped with the tools to tap into our power within, navigating systems that have been traumatizing and harmful to our existence.

Who are we?!

We ARE Black Women, who lead, advocate and change the world for the better.

What we offer.

Our Rightful Place offers:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Event Planning

  • Curriculum Development

  • Program Creation & Coordination Facilitation

  • Community

How we give back.

Sacramento Sister Circle is an organization under the umbrella of ORP. With a membership of 9,000+, it is a network for Black Women to come together for positive dialogue, sharing our stories, building strong relationships, and creating an open and safe space for us to become better leaders, mothers, allies, friends, and WOMEN.

Meet Our Founder

Meet Christi Ketchum, CEO and a woman of action! Christi has had an extensive career and her life's work is dedicated to being a leader, activist, community organizer, public speaker, youth program developer, and mentor.

Through her extensive travels in the United States and abroad, work experiences, career and professional relationships Christi founded OUR RIGHTFUL PLACE to address the ongoing efforts to support youth and the Black Community by addressing the needs of and experiences of Black Women and Girls.

Most recently, Christi and the Sacramento Sister Circle were recognized as one of 5 Leading Change maker Organizations by The Sacramento Bee Equity Lab. She also received the Generational Healer Award on behalf of Crime Survivors For Safety and Justice and the Malcom X Determination Award.

Connect with ORP

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