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MJ Designs Consulting is a consulting firm based in the downtown Sacramento focused on educating business leaders on grant funding processes, and increasing investment in the arts, cultural heritage, and agricultural business sectors. (We also support youth development projects.)

Our services include:

  1. FREE- 15 minute Ask a Grant Writer session

  2. FREE - Grant Opportunity/RFP Review through Email

  3. Full grant writing for your application (start to finish)

  4. Grant Application Draft Review

  5. Attachments & Workplan Completion

  6. Equity Consulting for Grantmaking

  7. FREE- Curated Grants List every 2 months


14.3% Represents the amount of Business Owners who apply for private or public grants 2019 Consumer Financial Literacy 20% represents the donation gap between

Nonprofits led by White leaders vs. leaders of Color

Urban Institute Nonprofit Trends, 2021

There is money to help you thrive my friends, and it is endless. Cast down the poverty mindset and let's do the work to gain investment!

Founder & CEO

MJ Designs Consulting was established in 2019 by our Lead Consultant- Me'Lisa James, M.Ed . Me'Lisa was born and raised in the state of California. She grew up in small towns in the Sacramento River Delta region, a major agriculture and environmental cooridor, and California's only nationally recognized cultural heritage areA. She also spent a lot of time in Richmond, CA with family and her church community during childhood.

She attended UC Davis for college and graduate school, and has been in the city of Sacramento for 11 years. Me'Lisa started her career as a high school teacher, before launching into nonprofit program administration, and then consulting. As a band kid all of her life, and a museum professional, Me'Lisa is a supporter of the arts and culture sector. You can find her giving Underground Tours in Old Sacramento monthly.

IG: @grantwriter4culture

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