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Earth Mama Healing Inc.

Earth Mama Healing, Inc. provides access to several youth empowerment opportunities with a focus on health and wellness. Earth Mama has worked with hundreds of youth and families. Thru our innovative programs we exposure to best practices among youth and nurturing practitioners in the U.S., Canada, Honduras, Haiti and Cuba through its national and international work.

Who are we?!

Earth Mama Healing, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2011 by a group of seven women between the ages 18 to 62, with the mission to create emotionally strong, spiritually connected, and socially smart girls and women.

What we provide.

At Earth Mama Healing Inc., we house programs that help us to accomplish our overall mission. These programs include Nurtured Girls and Empowered Women Institute, which is home to Wii (We Inspire) Girls, Dream Academy, and Mother Love programs. We also provide the following:

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Quality of Life Road Trip

  • Earth Mama Healer Network Podcast

  • Community Awards

  • Youth Programs

Meet our founder.

Meet Rolanda Allaha Wilkins, Founder and Director of Earth Mama Healing Inc.

RoLanda Allaha Wilkins is an innovative program administrator, global community organizer and traditional ceremonial leader. For over 25 years she continues to work in the area of adolescent\women health and wellness; specializing in youth development and leadership, international health & wellness, outreach, resources identification, communication and media productions. She has worked throughout the United States, Canada, Cuba, Ghana, Honduras, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria and South Africa.

Connect with Earth Mama Healing Inc.

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