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Careful Heart Company

Careful Heart Company

Careful Heart Company was created to encourage, uplift, motivate, and cultivate the mind, body, and spirit. We create opportunities for others to be intentional about their self-care and wellness. We believe that with care, passion, love and faith we can persevere through everything life brings.

We promote wellness in our world.

Here at Careful Heart Co., we believe in being intentional about self-care and wellness. Being intentional about your wellness means creating and maintaining healthy habits that are sustainable.

​Self-care should not be a process that is viewed as a chore.

It should be viewed as a necessity that brings enjoyment and relaxation. Our hope is that through the use of our products, you will build a culture where the integration of self-care and wellness is intentional.

What we offer

Community | Care | Connection

• Self Care Resources

• Wellness Workshops and Events

• Variety of Body Care Products: • Soaps • Body Oils • Soaks • Body Butters

Candace Walls, LMFT

My great passion is bringing awareness of self-care and wellness to minority women. I love the thought of self discovery and evolution, helping others find strategies for their well-being is my heart's desire.

My goal is for all of my clients and the community members, to be intentional about their self-care and wellness. I provide the tools, resources, and encouragement to aid them along their journey of wellness.

I created Careful Heart, with the hopes of being the hub for self-care and wellness resources. My hope is that with better information and local resources, not only can our community have better access, they can also be serviced by providers who understand their needs. When it comes to health and wellness, communities deserve resources that can efficiently and effectively meet their needs.

Connect with us

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Follow us on IG: CAREFUL HEART CO (@carefulheartco) • Instagram photos and videos

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